RSU President Arnulfo De Luna introduce more strategic policies

arnulfo de lunaDr. Arnulfo F. De Luna, President of Romblon State University, Romblon ProvinceStreamlining of policy, specifically on financial matters is now gradually introduce by the new president. Every single centavo of disbursement according to him should be properly recorded and ensure that any transaction are practice legally.

A group that compose members of Bids and Awards Committee has already been organized. That’s why any purchase of supplies be bid out properly same thing with the contractor for any construction within the university be made.

Except for the part time instructor/instructress, some casual employees/ workers would be trim down, which aim to save more and avoid any unnecessary expenses.

Some scholars who are not supposed to be included in the master list would also be removed from the roster. Dr. Arnulfo F. De Luna is the new six President of Romblon State University which was confirmed on 13th of April 2012. The date is superstitiously associated with “bad luck” or “unlucky.” Even the 13th floor of a building and skyscraper is skipped due to fear that something bad might happen. However, this unfortunate meaning is balanced by being the sixth President. Numerologists denote the number “six” as a legend, balancer, known for sincerity, love and truth. It also reveals a solution exercised in calm, unfolding manner especially in delicate diplomacy or sensitive matters.

As the Campus Director of RSU Sawang in Romblon, Romblon which had started with humble beginnings but now a growing academic institution, he has proven his vitality and resiliency in different odds. His 26 dedicated years of service taught him the ins and outs of the system, its processes and even the culture in leading an academic institution.

In his opening saga on April 16, 2012 at the University marker, he introduced ‘reciprocity’ as the management philosophy of his administration. This philosophy does not only mean “eye for an eye” but more so implies harmony among equals. Dr. De Luna appealed to every member of RSU to join him in propelling the institution forward.

The future actions of this result-oriented administration will be derived from the output of the strategic planning made by selected members of top management. But prior to the strategic development, Dr. De Luna personally identified some neglected but practically basic problems that are essential to daily operations that must be immediately addressed such as follows: purchase of a new flag to replace the heavily worn out emblem; removal of the hump at main gate that may cause accident; changing of the flag ceremony from 6:45 am to 7:45 am; use of biometric, design and wearing of uniform and ID; and the posting of a flow chart of office operation.

To sincerely solve the perennial fiscal needs of the institution, Dr. De Luna consistently reiterated that RSU must generate income from its resources and collective savings of utilities. Expenditure must be reviewed for fine-tuning and priority-setting. As the former agricultural college, agriculture was once the primary source of income but its potential had long been neglected. Being an agriculturist himself, Dr. De Luna unfolded his plan of making agriculture the flagship program of the institution along other thriving fields of discipline.

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